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For you and you alone  (in fact, there are no German versions existing!) 
my "Letters from Germany" to TAUK Newsletters in 1994 - written in my very own "Funny English"

1. Clap hands, here comes...    Page 2
2. How to come up to a Tasar...    Page 2 
3. How to get along with a Tasar...    Page 2
4. How to have fun with a Tasar...    Page 2        plus a later Warning  containing a not unimportant safety tip.

Paul & Janet
Janet & Paul
Paul extorted the "Letters from Germany"
Oliver & Judy
Judy & Oliver
Oliver dedicated the distinction "Funny English"

Important remark
: Oliver did not say "comical continental", as less distinguished critics may do  - many thanks to you and your sensitivity, Oliver!

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